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Municipality of Krokees

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Main Town: Krokees
Population of Municipality : 2835
Cultural Agencies:
Civic Centre, Public Library, 4 Cultural Associations, 1 Womens Association, 1 theatrical team
Agricultural Associations:
3 Agricultural Associations, Winery- Organic Agriculture
Local Environment:
Baltaki Beach: sea-turtles Caretta-Caretta
Local Economy:
Organic Agriculture of Olives, Olive-oil production, honey, small scale organic stock farming
Local Events- Activities
Local Newspaper, Booklets for Theater and Literary, 26 of July: Traditional Christian Orthodox Celebration, Traditional wedding: Blachikos gamos

Representative of LIFE EnviFriendly project
Contact details:

Name: Magklara Aggeliki
Occupational position:Agriculturalist
Tel: +30 27350-71195

Fax: +30 27350-71195