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The Developmental Company of Lakonia Anonymous Company the short name of which is AN.E.L. SA, was founded in April 2001 with seat the Sparta, capital of N. Lakonia. Is accomodated in the Sparta Lakonia, on the roads Leonidas and Eyaggelistrias 78.

The Developmental Company Lakonia SA was recommended with initiative of Prefecture of Lakonia and Municipalities of Sparta and Molaoi, in order to it serves the Local and Prefecture of Laconia, claims and materialises programs of European Union and provides services to the Persons with small or medium income of Prefecture of Lakonia. With decisions of their Administrative Councils, shareholders of Company constitute the Chamber of Lakonia and the Union of Rural Cooperatives of Lakonia.

It was founded as anonymous company with the name "Developmental Company of Lakonia Anonymous Company" and with the short title name "AN.E.L. SA", according to the provisions of paragraph 15 of article of 21 under Greek Law 2218/1994 foundation of Prefecture and other provisions (OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC A 90/13-6-1994), par.1 of article of 291 under Greek Law 410/1995 Municipal and Community Code (OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC A 231/14-11-1995) and the provisions of under Greek Law 2190/20, as it was modified and is in effect today.


The Developmental Company of Lakonia SA has as vision:

  • Propagate the existing occasions for financed investments in their Lakonians investors
  • Draw ideas for new possibilities of financing and
  • Cultivate collaborations that will contribute in the most optimal exploitation of investment possibilities.
  • Contribute in the development growth of Lakonia
  • Appear the comparative advantages of Prefecture.


Wider objective of Developmental Company of Lakonia SA is general and without exception growth of Prefecture of Lakonia.

More specifically, the Developmental Company of Lakonia SA aims:

  • Provide scientific, technical, study and at any other way support of work of Prefecture of Lakonia, the Municipality and the enterprises of all form.
  • Execute also at any way to study, to materialise, to manage and to exploit work beneficial to the public, developmental and enterprising or work National, Community or Private character.
  • Undertake the himself or it participates in any Government owned or Community or private developmental, investment financing drawing or Program
  • Work out and it materialises studies, programs and work of protection, appointment, improvement of each form of environment (natural, architectural, historical etc ), in collaboration or no with other government owned or not institution.
  • Contract programmatic conventions with the Prefecture of Lakonia and with the Municipalities.
  • Carry out each activity that is related with the upgrade of quality of life, compatible with the aim and the work of company.
  • Study and it manufactures work of infrastructure, as extremely indicatively it is: Road work, harbour work, irrigatory work, built-up and building work, and, Industrial and Craft-based work, Biological cleanings, wind parks, reformations of environment, the promotion of agrotourism etc
  • Appear at any way, it advertizes and it promotes the disposal and marketing of local productive, commercial and tourist products and services.
  • Undertake directly from the European Union or it participates with her or even with collaboration with public or private institutions, in programs or initiatives, or innovative action, national or the European Union.