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Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece (HCMR)-Institute of Inland Waters

The Centre was set up as a single institution in order to integrate government-funded marine science research in Greece. Formally established by government decree on June 3 2003, it combines the former research institutes the National Centre for Marine Research(NCMR) and the Institute of Marine Biology of Crete (IMBC), together with their respective field stations. Its  present structure comprises five institutes, which carry out research into specific thematic areas.
Institute of Oceanography
Institute of Marine Biological Resources
Institute of Inland Waters
Institute of Aquaculture
Institute of Marine Biology and Genetic
It enjoys top-level scientific support from its two research vessels, the AEGAOU and the PHILIA, its 2-man submersible THETIS  as well as two deepwater  ROVs, Max Rover and Super Achilles.
HCMR is also responsible for the Rhodes Aquarium and the CretAquarium in Crete.

Institute of Inland Waters

The Institute of Inland Waters (IIW) is one of the five institutes contained within the recently created Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR). Its structure and function were described by the foundation Law of the National Centre for Marine Research (1514/85). However, its establishment actually took place in 1994.
Today the IIW has three inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary sections with the following aims and objectives:

  • Ecological quality assessments and monitoring Section, which carries out research into and applies ecological quality assessment procedures to inland surface water bodies
  • Biodiversity conservation and environmental restoration Section, which promotes conservation and sustainable management of freshwater habitats and organisms, along with human prosperity
  • Integrated river basin management Section, which makes a major contribution to integrated river basin management plans.

The Institute is housed in the new HCMR building in Anavyssos with ample accommodation (340 m2) and state-of-the-art infrastructure for its scientific and technical needs. As an integral part of HCMR, the Institute shares its common administrative and technical infrastructure (including computing, documentation, accounting and technical support services and library facilities).
Its staff complement of 21 (13 permanent and eight under project contracts) run a large number of Greek and EU projects which have attracted funding of more than 3,000 MEUR from the year 2000 to date.
The Institute maintains several web-sites in addition to its peer-reviewed publications (34 publications in peer-reviewed journals and books in 2000-2004).
Special emphasis is also placed by the IIW on education and training, mainly by offering work placements and "stages" in its projects, as well as supervision of dissertations and theses at under-graduate and post-graduate level, for both Greek and foreign students.

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Institute of Inland Waters

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
Institute of Inland Waters
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