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Final International article
Informative meeting with the representatives of Municipalities Laconia Prefecture and Local Agents in Sparti on “Presentation of the Results of LIFE/EnviFriendly about Evrota’s River and 2nd Consultation Meeting for Integrated Water Resources Management” article
Co-organization (the Project team and the Municipality of Molaoi) of an one-day conference addressed to oil-press owners. Sikea, Partnership of Agricultural Cooperations of Epidaurous Limiras Lakonia (KASELL) article
One-day conference co-organized with the Cultural and Environmental Association of Skoura, on ‘Environmental protection and sustainable agricultural development in our area’. Skoura, Lakonia. Lectures by N. Nikolaidis, G. Mpourazanis, V. Papadoulakis and K. article
Participation in the Conference of the Association of Young Farmers on ‘The viability of the young farmers till 2013 and afterwards’. Lectures by V. Papadoulakis (‘Water capacity and water shortage confrontation plan in Lakonia’) and G. Mpouraznis (‘Rational management of irrigation’). Sparta. article
Organization of a Conference by the Project Team and the Health Directorate of the Prefecture on ‘Environmental Friendly Measures: 10 alternative proposals on oil-press waste management’. Addressed to oil-press owners, engineers and the public. Sparta. Distribution of informative article
Conference on “Natural Environment and Actions in Lakonia”, organized by the NCSR and the University of Peloponnesus in the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of article
Participation in a meeting organized by the Prefecture of Lakonia with the Municipal authorities and the local Water Management Agencies, concerning the “water scarcity” article
5th Steering Committee and 5th Advisory article
Educational Seminar of Lakonia’s Rural Guards, in Sparta. Presentation of Dr. Th Koussouris and K. Tsakiris: “The implementation of the EnviFriendly Project” article
Meeting of EnviFriendly Team. Presentation of 2 first years results of Program and make the project plan of 3rd article
Organization of EE seminar for teachers of Lakonia: “The Evrotas river, yesterday, today, tomorrow”. Presentation of the“Tool-kit for the teacher and the student about LIFE-Environment, EnviFriendly project”, its content and mode of use. article
Organization of congress: “Integrated Water Resources Management in Evrotas basin” article
Informative seminar with the electives of the Municipalities of Evrotas riverside, and the administrators of Local Financial and Technical Authorities. The seminar was titled “Funding Resources for Local Government”. It took place on the building of Labour Centre. The chairman was Professor Rallis Gkekas. article
Organization of two seminars for Educational Training for the teachers of Secondary Education of Lakonia Region in Sparta and the Municipality of Molaous in which the “Guide for educational training activities and Education: The Evrotas river, yesterday, today, and tomorrow” was presented. The guide was distributed to the teachers running Environmental Education Programmes for the Evrotas article
Participation to the Convention for the Environment (Week of Science and Technology) that was organized by the Ministry of Development (Zappeio Hall 28/06/2006-05/07/2006) and was titled: "The Contribution of Social Sciences in the project EnviFriendly-Environmental Friendly Technologies for Rural Development- LIFE05 ENV/GR/000245" article
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